There is more than one way to hold a carrot

So what are some of the beliefs of the Circle A Kitchen Collective? We strive to diversify the raw food movement, as well as maybe recruit a few anarchists (and other like minded folks) toward raw foods. We will have recipes as well as important news info from around the world.

So why raw foods and anarchy, your might ask?

Over the last few years raw food has gained a sort of celebrity status. While we think it is awesome that more people are committed to making more responsible food choices, this has left some of us raw foodies longing for the old days of being social misfits. So before there is a raw food mini mall let us reclaim our movement, and bring it back to the people who need it most. Raw Veganism should be about community building, learning and teaching alternatives to industrialization and direct action. Raw Food should not be about expensive imported food, "fair trade", green capitalism, and false gurus.
It is just a dietary choice! I know some of the raw foodists out there want to kill us for saying that. We do not mean to discount the countless people who have changed their lives with raw foods. Raw food has the amazing ability to make us see the world with brand new eyes, but so do other things. For us, a big source of inspiration has been the history of anarchism, the animal and environmental rights movements, and current anti capitalist struggles around the world. Our chef meets so many raw foodists from around the world, and it is always amazing to find out how few of them are familiar with the fundamentals of anarchism. Yet, we believe that the desire that moves people toward raw food, has its roots in the desire for freedom. Yes, raw food can be one way to freedom from physical oppression and freedom of disease, but it is not the all encompassing freedom. The all encompassing freedom is found through equality of all things, and oppression of no person, no animal and no bit of nature. We say no "fair trade" and yes to "no trade." Let us feed ourselves and our communities with the best, most nutritious food. Let us feed our minds with truth, not truisms.

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