Become a Circle A Kitchen Working Collective Member

Are you an raw vegan chef, raw lifestyle coach, or other health conscious person with a mission located in the Portland, OR area? Would you like to have the freedom of being self employed with the stability of working with others in a non hierarchical group? If so please send an email to Currently we are only set up to network chefs to clients for personal chef services and lifestyle coaching. We ask that chefs and coaches base their fees on the income/ need of their clients. You must also be available to attend a collective meeting in the future to discuss the future of the Circle A Kitchen. Please include as much information as you can about the type of services you offer, what kind of raw lifestyle you promote (80/10/10, Rainbow Live, Raw Gourmet etc.) We are also looking for members that have other forms of food activism to bring to the table. Ideas could be permaculture workshops, foraging workshops, alternatives to food industrialization etc. We look forward to growing our community with you!

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