Meet Our Members

Here is a up to date look at our members. They include raw vegan chefs, health practitioners, fitness and lifestyle coaches, and food activists. Want to see your name added to the list? Please see labels "How to Become a Working Collective Member" and "advertise with Circle A Kitchen" for details.

Lizz Bommarito is a raw vegan chef and life style coach. She is a founding member of the Circle A Kitchen Collective. She takes a holistic approach to raw foodism and coaching with the understanding that diet is not the only factor in achieving health goals. Lizz promotes a high thrive low fat raw vegan diet.Lizz has worked along side some amazing raw vegan talent both in Portland and in her home town of NYC. She started as a uncook in New York's premiere raw food restaurant Pure Food and Wine. She has then worked in many vegan kitchens, always promoting a raw healthy lifestyle and food activism. Lizz has prepared meals for the presentations of David Wolfe, Paul Nison and other raw "gurus." She is also a presenter at the Raw Spirit Retreat in Mollala,Oregon. Aside from a high fruit low fat raw lifestyle, Lizz's other passions include animal,earth,and human liberation, tree planting, permaculture, documentary film watching and making, yoga, all forms of physical exercise, sunshine, and making peoples lives better!

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