The Goal of the Circle A Kitchen

We provide our services with the intent to realize a dream. This dream is to have donation based raw food retreats and healing centers all over the world (starting with our own backyards!) This model is based upon the sustainable example set by Vipassana mediation retreats. By providing the retreat for free we enable people from all backgrounds to come and be emerged in the healing community that they need to overcome their ailments. After people have completed their time at the retreat they are free to give us a donation based upon what they feel they have earned from the experience. Donations are not required, however. Instead of offering money some people come back to the retreats year, after year, to volunteer their time. To make our dream a reality we are providing our public health services so that we can find a land base for the retreat as well as plant fruit trees, vegetable crops and purchase the food we will need for the time that our trees will be growing. Thank you for your collective support!

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