Scholarship to attend Raw and Living Spirit Retreat - Mollala, OR and Benefit Raw Dinner to Create Scholarship - Portland, OR

The Circle A Kitchen, a raw vegan collective in Portland, OR. will be hosting a benefit dinner in Portland, OR, on Friday July 31st, from 7-9pm outside at Mirador Community Store, to create a scholarship to send one lucky individual to the Raw and Living Spirit Retreat in Mollala, OR from August 27th - 31st. Tickets for the dinner are $10- $20 sliding scale donation.
The winner of the scholarship will be based upon three main requirements, which are a financial need, a healing need, and a willingness to commit to an 80% + raw vegan diet for 30 days after the retreat, with Circle A Kitchen serving as a support network for this 30 day period.
The menu for the dinner will be posted on the Circle A Kitchen Website this Sunday. Applications for the scholarship will also be being sent my email on Sunday and after. All applications for the scholarship must be in by August 1st. The winner will be announced August 5th. Reservations for the benefit dinner must be made by July 27th.
For more information or to secure an application for the scholarship and/or reservation for the dinner please email

For information regarding Circle A Kitchen, The Raw and Living Spirit Retreat and Mirador Community Store please visit their websites.

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